We began in the UK as Multec, a subsidiary of Brunel and built a reputation for handling recruitment problems for major OEMs and SMEs in the Manufacturing industry.


In 2001 the then UK Management Team were able to take over the trading operations from Brunel. That Management Team are now the owners of the company and continue to provide the vision that underpins our service and has helped us to go from strength to strength.


After a period of delivering strong success for our clients, in 2007 we were able to establish a new service as part of M-Tec. This was the beginning of M-Tec Executive Partnership, based on the same methods and values that had underpinned our earlier success.


Since then we’ve developed a reputation as an industry-leading supplier of talent to the Industrial and Technology sectors. Our culture and method is based on understanding the ethos and needs of every firm we work for and providing an exceptional service level. Since inception, we have built a team of exceptional talent, with invaluable experience in delivering consulting services to global customers of the highest calibre, as our organisation continues to grow, as does our prominence, we are proud of our exceptional track record and continue to invest in our people, resources, and customers.


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