Having a highly considered approach to the hiring of executives is hugely important. Getting the search for business leaders right can have a major influence on the success or failure of your company moving forward.


We search for extraordinary leaders who are in sync with the culture and needs of your organisation and the markets in which you operate. Our clients benefit from our considered approach to the Executive Search process and the value that an exceptional candidate will bring to your business. Working with us also provides you with market intelligence, leadership assessment, competitive analysis and market benchmarking and analysis.


Our approach is built on a meticulous, exhaustive method that identifies the leaders who fit best with your company needs and expectations and will provide you with a competitive advantage.


We take great care to build up our knowledge and understanding of your organisational goals and objectives, your business culture and context. Then we can use our global network of industry talent to deliver the best personnel at the upper level of management and operations. We have extensive contacts with leading technical institutions that help us to identify and access the best business leaders available.


We have a proven service model in place based on a global network of industry expertise, talent and resources. This means we can remain constantly accessible and available for you wherever you’re based, whilst also sourcing the best international talent for your business.


Our research team is multi-lingual and can handle business in a wide variety of languages and dialects. Whilst we work with our contacts from across the Continent to find the best talent, we provide you with a single point of contact – that way you receive consistent, reliable advice.






Appointing a senior executive is one of the most important decisions that your company will make. That executive’s performance will have a major impact on motivation, morale and even the company share price. Yet the decision to hire is often made without enough care and attention – hence the unacceptably high attrition rate amongst newly-appointed executives.


Rigorous assessment practices are key in the assessment of the potential for long-term vitality and effectiveness in a hired candidate. We analyse candidates in accordance with our clients’ needs using multiple methods for assessing leadership skills. That way we locate the most fitting executives for your company.


Our assessment methods have enabled us to breathe vitality into many of our client organisations across our specialist industry sectors and operating regions.


Those assessment methods involve drawing together data from various sources before subjecting the findings to analysis. We use methods including competence-based interviews, biographical interviews, personality questionnaires, ability tests and business


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