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The changing face of leadership: What all new executives need to know

The basics of running a successful enterprise are probably not that dissimilar to what they were ten or twenty years ago, however, the skills needed to successfully run one are certainly changing.  Digital transformation and fear of disruption due to economic, social or technological reasons are having a big impact on leadership, so if you are new to executive level roles or are keen to step up to the next rung of leadership, here are some factors to bear in mind:

changing face of leadership

Digitally savvy individuals make better leaders – it’s not always about having the skills but having an understanding of digital technologies and how they can be used within a business.  Those who can adapt, make use of digital data and look forward to future technologies will make more desirable executives in any industry.

Gender diversity matters – we read a lot about female leaders in the news and how companies are doing more to balance their board and include a good gender diversity in their top roles, so it was great to read that organisations with more women in leadership tend to have more sustained growth, because they have built an inclusive culture.

Early potential means long term success – organisations that make the most of early leadership potential can be more successful in the long run.  This is because they will be spotting talent internally and shaping future leaders into what the organisation requires. It may also help them to retain this talent, as failure to spot potential will almost always mean the individual becomes disengaged and takes their skill set somewhere else, where it will be recognised and appreciated.

New is just as important as old – successful leadership comes from knowing who to get to do what and this is very apparent when looking at the various generations within an organisation.  Senior leaders have a lot of experience to share, and yet Generation X are the first to truly grow up in the digital world and can offer a lot in terms of insights, digital skills and speedy execution.  It is about recognising the values of both and how to combine them that will lead to the best chance of success.

Leadership can’t be taught but learned – there’s a lot to be learned from the resources available, but surely more from the people around you who have been successful in their own executive capacity.  This links in with the previous point, that there is a lot new executive can learn from senior leaders and so why not make it part of your business culture to share ideas and mentor young executives?

In summation, if you want to be a great leader, you need to listen to the ideas and experiences of others.  You also need to be able to recognise that same leadership potential in others and be willing to help develop it.  If you want your organisation to be greatly led, you need to build a culture where you let leaders and potential leaders learn, watch and grow.   You need to spot the individuals who will bring new digital dimensions and recognise the value of gender diversity in your top line up.

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