Global Executive Search: understanding Linguistic and Cultural Diversity at the highest levels

When looking for talented leaders to take your business to the next level, why limit yourself to the boundaries of your own country?   As a global business or one with plans to export and expand, you will need a workforce who can operate on an international level and often that means escalating your executive search.

To do so, you will not only need to work with a recruiter who has a global reach, but one who can demonstrate their understanding of linguistic and cultural diversity at the highest levels.  This will be important if you want to find the right individuals who are not only in tune with your corporate culture, but who can demonstrate their understanding and experience of doing business internationally.

global executive search

It is widely accepted that global mobility and the internet are resulting in more complex, multilingual societies.  As workplaces become more diverse, so too do the number of languages spoken and the subtle cultural nuances that make up the ethos of an organisation.

Whilst businesses need to understand and develop their own identity through creating a culture that defines the organisation, linking to their strategy and what they aim to be, when operating on a global scale and in a rapidly changing world, comes an even greater need to accommodate diversity.

You cannot expect businesses operating on a global scale to foster the same culture throughout, particularly when employing an international workforce with a wide variety of skill sets and job roles.  So, you will look to your CEO to lead by example, to be empathetic in their leadership and to accommodate and celebrate linguistic and cultural diversity within the organisation, using it to excel on the world stage.

As the virtual world connects us and it becomes physically quicker and easier to travel between locations, the possibilities for business between nations and markets continues to increase.  Whereas in 2015 30% of CEOs believed their businesses weren’t taking enough risks with their global strategy1, now the world’s business elite are expressing their confidence in global economic growth2.

The challenges of Brexit and the need to capitalise on emerging high growth markets will surely bring further requirements for globally savvy executives, so if you need a leader who can help your business to capitalise on these opportunities, you need to start the search now.

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