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Why You Shouldn’t Bring Executive Search In-House

As an employer, finding talented staff can be a time consuming, risky and costly task. Not only that, but keeping the right people in the job isn’t always easy. Therefore, the best way to manage the executive search minefield is to outsource to an specialist firm, rather than managing your executive search in house.

executive search in house

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New Year, New Career: Looking for An Executive Challenge in 2018?

Over the festive break you may well have been thinking about a change in your career.  The downtime that this holiday affords many of us is the ideal opportunity to reflect upon job satisfaction and whether we are being sufficiently challenged and excited by our current roles.  If you are currently working in leadership or feel you are well placed to step up to the next level of seniority, the New Year seems like the logical place to make this happen.

executive challenge

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The Global Reach of our Executive Search

Many headhunters describe themselves as “global” but here at M-Tec Executive Partnership we can truly back it up.

From our UK Headquarters we have conducted searches for clients in 26 countries across North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia,  from the US to the UAE and Singapore to Sweden.

global reach of executive search

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How to attract the best candidates for your leadership roles

At the head of all great organisations is a great leader. But when that leader leaves, and you’ve got a role to fill, how do you go about attracting the best talent in the business?

leadership roles

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